Firm Overview

Leveraging our firm’s long fiduciary tradition through multiple real estate cycles, our seasoned investment professionals execute long-term investment strategies using proven processes and risk management protocols. Employing a team approach, we offer the full complement of investment management services necessary to invest directly in institutional real estate, including portfolio management, acquisition, asset management, research, development and construction services, and investment accounting.

L&B by the Numbers

*As of first quarter 2020

Our only business is advising institutional investors on real property investments




SEC Registered







Investment Management Services

Our institutional real estate investment vehicles include separate accounts and commingled funds. Our dedicated and experienced professionals provide the following services:

  • Portfolio Management
  • Acquisitions
  • Asset Management
  • Research
  • Dispositions
  • Development & Construction Management
  • Investment Accounting

Our Team

Mallory Baureis

Retail Asset Management

James Anderson

Office & Industrial Asset Management

Peter Benyo

Portfolio Management

Elizabeth Cannon

Investment Accounting

Scott Cronister

Multifamily, Office/Industrial Asset Management

Merrill Curtis

Office & Industrial Asset Management

Drue Fitzgerald

Asset Management

Michael Formanek

Portfolio Management

Jeff Glidewell

Multifamily Asset Management

Jennifer Hanson

Executive Vice President
Informational & Accounting Systems

Brenda Hartson

Information Systems

Corinne Hoffman

Portfolio Management

Christi Huss

Corporate Accounting

Janice Johnson

Business Development

Jacob Jopling

Retail Asset Management

Ronna McAuley

Retail Asset Management

Terry McCoy

Office Asset Management

Barbara McGinnis

Portfolio Management

Chris Neufeld

Real Estate Development & Construction Services

Kelsey Richey

Real Estate Development & Construction Services

Kimberly Skelly

Multifamily Asset Management

Rui Shi

Portfolio Management


There is a FORCE that drives L&B, it is the connection of our people, their careers and our clients.

Flexible + Ownership Mentality + Respect + Connected + Empowered = FORCE

Our employees are passionate, ones who thrive in a collegial environment of honesty and mutual respect, ones who conduct themselves according to a shared set of commonly held beliefs, values and practices in the execution of their duties. Because our employees are the foundation of our culture, we strive to maintain a healthy and productive environment. We believe offering a comprehensive benefits package along with activities to encourage connection among employees elevates L&B as a place where we want to work.

Responsible Investment

Our client’s investment objectives are our first and foremost obligation as a fiduciary. Responsible investment is an approach to investing that incorporates environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors into all investment decisions to better manage risk and generate sustainable long-term returns. L&B agrees and advocates a holistic approach to integrating ESG factors into firm management decisions by committing to reduce its environmental impact; foster a productive, safe and engaging work environment, and promote diversity and ethical behavior among our employees and firm leadership.

Click here to read L&B’s Responsible Investment Policy


L&B supports reducing the environmental impact by using natural resources more efficiently, specifically with respect to conserving electricity, water, and minimizing waste. We have identified and applied novel emerging technology to optimize efficiency and reduce energy costs for our assets. We are continuously on the lookout for new technologies, means, and methods to increase energy and water efficiency and the useful life of all of the equipment for properties.


We value our responsibility to clients, business partners, employees, community and society at large to demonstrate integrity, honesty and respect for others in all of our business activities as we create value for our stakeholders, our community and society.


L&B defines foundational ethics and corporate stability by and through its code of conduct and the L&B Compliance manual, which sets forth policies, procedures, processes, customs and best practices applicable to the day to day management of the firm.

L&B and its employees proudly invest capital and time to promote and execute the mission of the following organizations:

The PREA Foundation is a foundation established and sponsored by PREA to further the interests and values of the institutional real estate investment community by advancing industry wide diversity and inclusion. The PREA Foundation has formalized a partnership with SEO to establish its first-ever Real Estate Track, dedicated to increasing diverse employment in the commercial real estate industry.
Cristo Rey is a proven, revolutionary model of college preparatory high school curriculum accessible to those of limited financial resources. The Cristo Rey Dallas College Prep School opened in 2015 and currently has 375 students, with 550 students expected by 2019. Eligibility is exclusively for students whose adjusted household income is at or below the Federal Poverty Line. A Corporate Work Study Program funds close to 62% of the cost of education and parents pay less than 10%, with the balance funded by private donations.
Since 1920, Momentous Institute has been powered by the Salesmanship Club of Dallas, a service organization of more than 600 business and community leaders committed to transforming kids’ lives. Our nationally acclaimed lab school opened in 1997. As a leading provider of therapeutic and education services, Momentous Institute impacts over 5,500 kids and family members each year. We tailor our approach to the specific needs of each child and their family situation and focus on building and repairing social emotional health — developing kids who become self-regulated, good communicators, problem-solvers, empathetic, grateful, gritty and optimistic.
The North Texas Food Bank provides access to more than 190,000 meals each day for hungry children, seniors and families across a 13-county service area in North Texas.
Carry The Load is a non-profit dedicated to providing active, meaningful ways to honor and celebrate the sacrifices made by our nation’s heroes — military, veterans, law enforcement, firefighters and first responders. Founded in 2011 by two Veteran Navy SEALs Carry The Load began as a 20 hour and 11 minute Memorial March in Dallas, Texas. The mission of Carry the Load is to provide an active way to honor and celebrate our nation’s heroes by connecting Americans to the sacrifices made by Military, Veterans, Law Enforcement, Firefighters, Rescue Personnel and their families.