Collectively, the L&B key investment professionals have an average tenure of 17 years with the firm and they are the backbone of our team. These team members are some of the most experienced in their area of expertise and their integrity is one of L&B′s greatest strengths.

Our principals have an average tenure of 28 years with L&B.


Daniel L. Plumlee, Partner & Chief Investment Officer
G. Andrews Smith, Managing Partner & Chief Executive Officer


William B. Brueggeman, PhD – Senior Director


Charlie Cullum, Director
Reed Dinan, Director
G. Bernadette Mussell, Vice President
Paul Noland, Vice President

Asset Management

Merrill Curtis, Vice President, Office & Industrial
Tracie R. Forsythe, Executive Vice President, Retail
John L. Gerdes, Executive Vice President, Retail
Carlton T. Johnson, Vice President, Multifamily
Terry McCoy, Director, Office & Industrial
Tom Burdi, Vice President, Office & Industrial
Terry A. Wilson, Vice President, Retail

Portfolio Management

Stacie S. Crown, Executive Vice President
Mark P. Faraldo, Executive Vice President
Christian T. Metten, Executive Vice President
Jon D. Molnoskey, Vice President
Christine M. Mullis, Executive Vice President
Rui Shi, Vice President

Construction Services
Steven H. Johnston, Vice President

Investment Reporting

Jennifer A. Hanson, Vice President

Business Development

Eric R. Smith, Executive Vice President Business Development