Research is the foundation of L&B’s investment process. The L&B research team, directed by Dr. William B. Brueggeman, collaborates with the portfolio management, acquisition, and asset management groups to construct asset-level and portfolio-level strategies.

Integrating research into all stages of our investment process endows our professionals with the necessary tools to successfully manage risk. Furthermore, the proprietary nature of our research allows L&B to act ahead of our competition and to remain current on fundamental changes in the real estate and capital markets.
Quarterly Outlooks

  • A top down analysis of the national economy, capital market trends, and real estate market trends
  • A predictive, proprietary market ranking for each of the four major property types (office, retail, multifamily, and industrial)
  • A two-year market outlook by metro area and property type

Market and Submarket Monitoring

  • Supply/Demand Fundamentals
  • Rental Rate and Vacancy Trends
  • Completion/Absorption Data
  • Development Pipeline
  • Demographic and Employment Data
  • GIS Demographic Mapping
  • Rent Comparable Analyses
  • Sales Comparable Analyses

First-Hand Local Market Analysis

L&B believes that real estate is a local market business. Our asset managers and property managers provide dependable, invaluable information regarding specific trends and opportunities within local markets. In addition, through our nationwide contacts, L&B has access to a vast network of skilled professionals in all areas of real estate. Essentially, L&B has a national scope of in-depth local market knowledge via in-house research, asset managers, property managers, and industry contacts across the country.