Property Reporting

As part of the client team, Property Reporting monitors performance.  The focus of all L&B professionals is optimization of returns.  There are many tools and reports that property reporting, asset management and portfolio management use to monitor and drive performance both at the investment level and portfolio level.

Property reporting strives for and maintains a high level of transparency through timely, accurate, comprehensive reporting.  The access to reliable, comprehensive, timely, understandable and comparable information is enhanced by standardization and increased disclosure.

We welcome the strong oversight of our financial reporting activities by our independent audit firms.  The financial disclosures made in those reports are a vital part of our foundation for reliable financial information and compliance with regulations.

We offer our clients use of secured customized client portals; which allows them continuous access to all their relevant documents and performance history effectively organized, timely and in a convenient manner.

L&B embraces new technology.  We are constantly reviewing and adapting as our technology needs grow and are always looking to streamline our business through process and reporting automation.