Asset Management


L&B’s asset management team manages each property like a business.  Initially, the asset manager assesses the quality of the product and the location within its competitive set and broader market.  Then, the asset management team formulates an investment strategy that seeks to optimize the property’s competitive advantages.  The investment’s performance is measured over time, and the strategy is continually monitored and tailored in order to adapt to changing market conditions.


With an average of 17 years in the real estate investment business and 10 years with L&B, our asset management professionals have a long-established track record in the real estate industry.  They have worked through both expanding and contracting cycles and understand the dynamics of shifting market fundamentals.  Additionally, our asset managers bring to the team an array of backgrounds, including on-site property management, acquisitions, appraisal, and financial management.  This depth and diversity, prompting both innovation and real-time market practicality, allows our team to extract the maximum potential from any real estate opportunity.


L&B’s asset management process optimizes the performance of our clients’ investments through all aspects of the investment cycle.

  • Participation in acquisition due diligence
  • Transition of new assets into client portfolio
  • Implementation of the asset strategy
  • Preparation of annual comprehensive business plan for the asset
  • Hold/Sell analysis
  • Hiring of and oversight of leasing and property management
  • Construction management oversight
  • Development oversight

Team Approach

Both collaborative and proactive, L&B’s approach to asset management combines all areas of planning, execution, and risk mitigation.  This team approach is vital in maintaining and creating value in each real estate investment.  In addition to our internal departments, our industry network is a crucial aspect of the team.  L&B garners market intelligence through our local contacts, which when supplemented with the latest research compiled by our research department, results in meaningful value creation.


By incorporating all L&B disciplines and drawing upon our strategic industry relationships, L&B ensures the successful implementation of client goals and asset objectives.  L&B’ strength is the conceptual integration of business acumen, financial sophistication, and real estate operating knowledge.  Employing this skill set, our professionals develop and carry out a working investment strategy to produce optimal performance in every asset.