Portfolio Management

Above all, L&B seeks to create value through skilled portfolio development and active portfolio management, investing in assets through focused strategies that fit each client’s risk/return profile.  Thorough underwriting, a detailed investment plan for each property, and hands-on asset management help to provide solid income and capture value to ensure that investor objectives will be met.

L&B’s portfolio manager is the client’s partner in building profitable real estate portfolios.  They strategize and develop portfolio objectives and ensure execution. L&B’s portfolio managers are active in the initial development of the portfolio and remain committed to the portfolio throughout its investment life.  As leader of the client’s team, the manager orchestrates the interdisciplinary effort to constantly monitor the portfolio for performance and diversification.  The portfolio managers also look for new opportunities that may complement the client’s existing assets and improve account returns.  L&B also offers select investment programs to meet different return profiles.

The portfolio management professionals are focused in the following areas:

  • Separate account and fund services
  • Development and investment of real estate allocations
  • Optimization of existing client portfolios
  • Portfolio development and diversification